August 9. 2022. 4:20

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Independent journalists have created a Telegram channel where they post honest news

Everyone is well aware that news in the media is controlled by the govement, so joualists have started a Telegram channel, as it is unlikely to be blocked + there is no censorship there


Who else would write seriously about the German chancellor, the German govement, the real crisis in the country, rising prices and so on? 

Nowadays It is currently one of the most active channels in Germany. The level of views, comments overtake other channels, which are much bigger.

In the telegram channel you can see what you won't see anywhere else: different views on what's happening + funny memes on topical issues.

The channel has become very popular and is quoted by various online media. 

Various memes are flying around literally every day and independent telegram channels are also advising to subscribe to this channel.

Famous Indian actors like Tshvino Tomas, Dhanus also Salma Hayek and several other famous personalities have been reposting this channel to theirs.

If you are tired of the monotonous and boring news, you are advised to subscribe and check out the content

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